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Bestoss Ab Toner Belt Review

Bestoss Ab Toner Belt Review

The Bestoss AB Toning Belt is a product based on Electrical muscle stimulation and it is worn on the abdominal muscle, around the triceps and biceps, it can also be worn on the arms and legs, in essence, the Bestoss AB Toning Belt allows you to work on any two muscle groups of your body at once making it a great tool to build up muscles.
bestoss muscle toning belt
The Bestoss AB Toning Belt is well designed to fit comfortably on the abdomen with the control in the center of the device, the device is made from quality soft and flexible rubber that has the capability to contour the body, you can also wear them on under your cloth without having it bulging and making the cloth look weird because it is slim and sleek.

When you start using this device, it is recommended that you don’t go all the way to the highest level, you have to start gradually from the lowest in order to afford the muscles enough time to adjust to the new system and then after few days, you can gradually increase it each time you are using it.

bestoss ab toning belt

Using the Bestoss AB Toning for 20 minutes every day is as good as running 2000meters, doing sit-ups and crunches for 1 hour and swimming for 30 minutes on a good diet, so you can see that using this product is equal to having quick results under the shortest possible time.

Main features

  • Creative Intelligence: EMS intelligent microelectronics technology, AIC artificial intelligence technology, ICS intelligent control technology, CE, RoHS, FCC safety products and environmental certification.
  • Ease of operation: IM-ABS for abdominal muscle training, IM-BODY for body partial exercise such as waist trainer, arms triceps slimming, 6 modes, and 15 intensity. From warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation: fat burning, relaxation, and exercise. Fitness anywhere anytime you like. Wireless remote control, wireless body toning.
  • Good viscosity: Adhesive pads can be used for long periods of maintenance. If gel becomes dirty and the viscosity decreases, you can use a little water to clean the surface of the gel. Drying and stickiness will increase significantly.


Bestoss in the box

  • Fitness Apparatus
  • 3 Abdomen Fit Pad
  • 1 Body Fit Pad
  • 2 Wireless Remote Controller
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 1 Supporting Strip
  • 1 Button Battery
  • 4 Rear Case
  • 1 Box
  • Instruction Manual


  • Capable of increasing strength and conditioning
  • Capable of providing a remarkable increase muscle size
  • Convenient, durable and comfortable
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Abs Fit maximum intensity may not be good enough for people with fatty tummy
  • Replacement gel pads are a bit pricey


The Bestoss AB Toning Belt is a perfect training assistant that will help you attain your desired body shape in the fastest possible time without any side effect.

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