Best Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor UK 2020


Best Blood Pressure Monitor UK

There are many different types of blood pressure monitors available in the UK  in 2020 and you maybe thinking which type is best for you. In this article we will go into detail as to why upper arm blood pressure monitors are the best types compared to wrist or finger monitors and ultimately which is the best upper arm blood pressure monitor.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

It is widely known that the when choosing the best blood pressure monitor it is always advisable to choose an upper arm blood pressure monitor. Upper arm monitors are seen as superior to wrist or finger monitors due to the fact they usually give a more accurate and consistent reading when measuring blood pressure. So when choosing what part of your body to attach the monitor then think of the upper arm.

Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy

When it comes to measuring your blood pressure you want to ensure the monitor you are buying and relying on is accurate. Sadly there are some dubious options out there however you can easily avoid them by making sure the blood pressure monitor you buy is listed as ‘clinically validated’. This is extremely important and means that the monitor has undergone a series of tests and validated by the British Hypertension Society. It means that you and your doctor can confidently rely on the readings. You don’t want to be buying a upper arm blood pressure monitor that isn’t clinically validated!

Keep Your Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitor calibrated

A not very well known fact is that blood pressure monitors generally need to be re calibrated by the manufacture in order to ensure that it is giving an accurate readings. In order to have your home blood pressure monitor re calubrated you usually have to send it off to the manufactures every couple of years.

Choosing The Right Cuff Size

Upper arm blood pressure monitors come with a cuff that wraps around your arm and is an important part of the blood pressure reading. If you have the wrong cuff size then you could recieve a inacurate reading. There fore is is very important to ensure you get the right cuff size. You can expect the standard size (unless specified) to be medium so if you do need another size make sure you indicate it when ordering.

The chart below outlines standardised measurements of cuffs for upper arm blood pressure monitors.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor cuff sizes
Measurement (cm) Measurement (inches) Cuff size
18-22 cm 7.1-8.7” Small
22-32 cm 8.8-12.8” Medium
32-45 cm 12.8-18” Large

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in UK

1. Omron M10-IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron M10-IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure has the very well earned “Best Seller” achievement on Amazon under the Heart, Circulation & Vessel Remedies category. As well as having 1781 reviews and scoring 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. With figures like those you know you are dealing with the very best in home blood pressure monitors.


  • Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology
  • Easy to apply preformatted comfort cuff to accommodate both medium and large arm circumferences ranging between 22 – 42 cm
  • Memory storage for two users and special tracking memory for morning and evening measurements
  • Auto mode: automatically takes three measurements


2. Panasonic EW3109 Diagnostic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Panasonic EW3109

The Panasonic EW3109 comes with a comfortable pre-formed cuff size  of 20-34 cm which is made from hygienic anti-bacterial material. There is an XL cuff which measures 35 – 44 cm available as a optional extra. We like the extra large display and size of the numbers making it easy to read and the inbuilt high pressure warning function that flashes the reading is also a nice touch. One very smart feature that is a great help is the 90 memory measurements feature which means you can track your blood pressure over time. This option also has very strong reviews and rating on Amazon.


  • slim design giving ease of use and mobility
  • High pressure flashing warning signs for those who have limited eye sight
  • Up to 90 memory measurements


3. Pro Logic PL100 Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Pro Logic PL100

The Prologic PL100 is designed to be extremely easy to use with the press of a large button in the front it is set to go. By simply pressing the button on the front it will automatically inflate immediately and thanks to its intellisense technology it knows exactly how much to inflate for a comfortable grip. It’s easy, intuitive and works reliably and due to its low price it make an excellent upper arm blood pressure monitor for those on a low budget.


  • Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • One-button operation
  • Pulse indicator and large LCD display


How To Use An Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

As we have an Omron upper arm blood pressure fpor both the 1st and second spot on our above list we thought we would give a quick guide on how to use Omran upper arm blood pressure monitors.

Omron blood pressure monitors allow you to measure your blood pressure with accuracy and easy all with the comfort of your own home. Please have a look at the diagrams below for instructions on how to use the Omran products. Once you have positioned your self and the cuff it is only a matter of pressing start and the recording of your blood pressure commences.

Omron how to use

Please not the above instructions are for Omron upper arm blood pressure monitors and do not apply for the Panasonic upper arm blood pressure monitor.