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Best American Style Fridge Freezers

Best American Style Fridge Freezers

If you are anything like me and you spend a lot of time opening and closing the fridge then why not go for a little bit of style. The american style fridge freezers or side by side fridge freezers not only make your kitchen look extremely cool but they give that extra ease when refrigerating in your home.

There are household appliances that don’t inspire a lot of devotion, but when it comes to the American style fridge Freezer, it’s a whole different case. Owners describe their relationship with this refrigerator as a “true love affair”. Once you get yourself one, you won’t imagine life without it.

What Is An American Style Fridge Freezer?

So, what exactly is the American style fridge freezer and what makes it unique from the traditional fridge in the UK? Simply put, this is a stylish fridge with double doors designed to be wider compared to the traditional models and sized to hold more items. It’s the kind of fridge you would stuff your whole week’s shopping and still have some extra space.

The fridge also comes with some extra features that cannot be found in conventional fridges. Some are equipped with a water dispenser to give you chilled, filtered water anytime of the day or night. Better yet, if you want instant ice to make your drinks cold, then you don’t have to wait for minutes to get the crystals ready – the process is almost instant thanks to the fast freezing!

Why go with the American Style Fridge?

Well good question. Here are some convincing reasons as to why the popularity of this fridge is rising tremendously, and why it makes a great addition to your kitchen.

  • Firstly, it offers more storage space, allowing you to keep more fresh produce and frozen food. It’s actually double or more the size of a conventional model.
  • The fridge comes with plenty of high-tech features, including adjustable temperature zones, rapid chill functions, digital display, and temperature alarms.
  • The finish is splendid. It has a modern touch, making it a fantastic addition to your kitchen.
  • It offers a range of adjustable racks and shelves, allowing you to accommodate even large items without putting in a lot of effort. Whether it’s a whole six pack of your favourite beers, tall bottle of wine or all the leftovers from dinner; it will accommodate it!
  • And it looks great!

Best American Style Fridge Freezer

Now that you know what the American style fridge has in store for you, let’s now look at some of the best American Style fridge freezers in the UK. Depending on the features you are looking for, and, of course, your budget, there’s no doubt you will get the right fit with these picks.

Samsung RS7567BHCSL H-series Side by Side Fridge Freezer With Ice And Water Dispenser Inox Steel Doors

Samsung RS7567BHCSL

The Samsung RS7567BHCSL takes our first spot, and for a good reason. It offers lots of space for frozen and chilled products, giving you a generous 171 litre capacity freezer, not to mention a whopping 361 litres fridge capacity. With two drawers and five shelves inside the fridge, you get ample options to arrange your food items exactly as you want them. There are also three door compartments where you can keep small items such as cheese and butter. If you love chilling drinks you will also appreciate the ice dispenser that makes ice crystals instantly.


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Russell Hobbs American Style Fridge freezer

Russell Hobbs American Style Fridge freezer

Russell Hobbs is synonymous with quality. The brand is known for innovative and creative products, something that explains its high ratings on retail sites. This stylish American style fridge does not only give you a cool 192 liter freezer capacity but also an innovative thermostat that lets you adjust the temperatures as per your needs. Better yet, it features adjustable feet, allowing you to fit it strategically in your kitchen. If you have a large family and worried about the storage space, you can now rest assured that this fridge will accommodate your week’s shopping. You get 5 door racks, 2 drawers, 4 shelves and a 4 bottle capacity wine rack. Amazing, right? Well, and to top it up, the fridge comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, in case something goes a miss.

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Haier American Fridge Freezer

Haier American Fridge Freezer

The Haier HRF-628DN6 570L is designed with a beautiful black finish that blends well in any kitchen. Yes it does have wheels so that you can easily move it around your kitchen without damaging your floor. When it comes to the freezer capacity, you are lucky to get 570L freezer, which means you can keep lots of stuff without cramming them together. The fridge also comes with an LCD control panel that quickly gets it up and running while giving you full control. This American style fridge also features spill proof shelves that keeps it clean and organized

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Beko GNE114610APX 4-door American Fridge Freezer

Beko American Fridge Freezer

Beko is among the industry leaders when it comes to innovation. Its American style fridge – the Beko ASL141S Silver – gives your ample storage space, including five freezer compartments and four shelves. It utilizes Neofrost Technology that keeps your food fresh at all times, even when power goes off. If you love to take chilled drinks or often need to use ice cubes, its quick cool feature lets you get the cubes in a matter of minutes. The fridge also comes with an antibacterial door seal that keeps your food free from bacteria, while at the same time maintaining an even temperature level on every shelf. When you are away for the weekend, you can utilize the holiday mode to save on the power consumption.

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Fridgemaster MS91518FFB Black Side-by-side American Fridge Freezer

Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer

If you are not interested in the water dispenser feature, but want a large, cool fridge then the Fridgemaster MS91518FFB is the model to go for. But why? Well, apart from the fact that it is pocket friendly, it offers you an incredible 516 litre capacity, allowing you to stock up a cool 28 bags of food. It utilizes Multi Flow Technology, which works by circulating air around the fridge’s cavity, keeping your groceries fresh for long. It also features a serve ice dispenser in case you want to make cold drinks, not to mention an incredibly fast freezer. Other amazing features to expect include touch controls, wine bottle rack, frost free, holiday mode, and adjustable le feet.

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Samsung RS7667FHCBC H-series Gloss Black American Fridge Freezer

Samsung American Fridge Freezer

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